the dissertation

well, the dissertation is on my mind, thank you very much.

it has to be handed in by mid-december or thereabouts, i think in 2 different formats, and none of this is particularly important until there is a draft that has the required length and depth and so on.

nothing matters.

well, the funny thing about it is that i’m still maintaining all my other activities – partially becaue i guess i can, partially as an avoidance tactic, partially because one needs to maintain one’s mental stability.

so – obviously – i taught myself new knitting techniques and i have started reading about prison.

i think it is possibly a way of reflecting on my feelings towards my education and in a way i can learn about mental health. one of the effects i’ve had certainly is that i’m writing this blog again which i have neglected for so long.

so, hey. the lord giveth and he taketh away.

prison and mental health i think has been with me for quite some time as a concept. i remember watching ‘hunger’ with a -then- friend, and passionately arguing for the humane treatment of prisoners. of copurse the northern irish conflict is still an impossibly emotive issue and it was for this person anyway. but i remember just going with my guts. my social care and ethical guts said, no, we must maintain human dignity. simples.

what is writing about is a more recent prison experience. it isn’t the 70s and no hunger strikes have so far cropped up. but it’s sobering stuff anyway, because the conditions under which prisoners are ‘warehoused’ are very often absolutely sub-par and beyond discussion.

strangely, and this is where this ties in with my osteopathic work, one of my patients is a prison officer. i try not to make him talk shop too much because i think he spends enough time at work already but it’s interesting to hear him talk about his working conditions. i think he said he looks after 120 people with two other staff over a day. this seems like a ridiculous ration.

i like to learn about patients and their working conditions. i have worked in several conditions and enjoyed some more than others. i like knowing what this is like for them.

anyway, back to dissertation avoidance.


About guardienne

I am an osteopathic student.
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